11th Issue of Masculinities: A Journal of Culture and Society is online now

We are very pleased to announce the release of the 11th issue of Masculinities: A Journal of Culture and Society. In this issue, we have four articles, one work-in-progress paper, and two book reviews. The contributions bring together significant themes and debates around contemporary forms of fatherhood, and masculinity in the workplace, as well as the literary and cinematic representations of masculinity crises. Moreover, they represent perspectives from different regions of the world including the USA, France, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

This issue opens with Mounia Utzeri’s article entitled “Rethinking men’s position in the organization: The French experience” which reveals the dynamics of gender equality actions at organizational level. By presenting findings from a qualitative case study conducted in a global manufacturer located in France, Utzeri argues that organizational settings may help men to question the processes and assumptions inscribed into the hegemonic managerial masculinity frames.

Aditi Sabur continues the discussion on the enactment of different masculinities with a different focus: fatherhood. In her article entitled “Performing fatherhood in Bangladesh: Changing roles, responsibilities and involvement of older and younger fathers”, Sabur compares two generations of fathers from contemporary Bangladesh and examines how they differ from one another.

In the third article entitled “Annie Proulx’s Wyoming Stories: Deconstructing Hegemonic Masculinity in the American West”, David Klein Martins discusses the importance of masculinity in the western genre as well as the romanticized cowboy myth and analyses how masculinity is constructed, lost and reassured in the American West.

In the fourth article, entitled “The Wild Man and the Shepherd. Hegemonic Masculinities and the Definitions of Trauma in The Hurt Locker (2008) and American Sniper (2014)”, Sebastian Fitz-Klausner explores the problematic nature of the traumatic male body in the context of hegemonic masculinity. Being a culturally and historically contextualized reading of these two movies, this article analyses how trauma is conceptualized and constructed in the contemporary USA as well as how it is related to hegemonic masculinity.

In the Work-in-Progress section, Jacob Woods examines the confrontation of hegemonic masculinity with a classed and queer identity in his paper entitled “A Gay Man in A Hypermasculine Kitchen: An Autoethnographic Account”. By analyzing his experiences as a dishwasher in a kitchen predominantly populated by men with a focus on hegemonic masculinity, Woods brings internal experiences to the academic field.

In addition to these articles, the current issue includes two remarkable book reviews – one in Turkish and one in English. Lale Kabadayı reviews Özlem Özgür’s recent book named Türk Sinemasında Baba Temsili [Representation of Father in Turkish Cinema] and Murat Göç critically evaluates Contemporary Masculinities in the UK and the US: Between Bodies and Systems edited by Stefan Horlacher and Kevin Floyd.

Finally, we would like to thank the authors who sent their work to our journal, the reviewers who kindly reviewed the manuscripts and the readers who spread the word. We also take the opportunity to invite researchers of men and masculinities to submit their work for the 12th issue.

Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you, the researchers of the critical studies on men and masculinities to attend the 2nd International Symposium on Men and Masculinities which will take place between 12th and 14th September in İstanbul, Turkey, in collaboration with Özyeğin University, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, and Research Worldwide İstanbul. Please visit the journal’s website for more information.

We also have an announcement about the journal. The previous title of the journal has now been changed with a slight alteration to “Masculinities: A Journal of Culture and Society” to better reflect the scope of our journal.


Gülden Sayılan
On behalf of the Editorial Board of
Masculinities: A Journal of Culture and Society

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